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Village Visit
The program design for USM's Leadership Study Abroad in South Africa owes much of its inspiration to the students of a 2010 Leadership Study Abroad class who were particularly moved by their visit to an African village that, while low in material things, was filled with joy and plans for the future.  

In 2014, a group of African young people specially selected for their leadership potential collaborated with USM undergraduate and graduate students to build a powerfully engaging community experience. The impact of this project continues to this day, both in Africa and in the U.S. 

Join us for the 2017 program and contribute to the rich tradition of this dynamic partnership, inspiring and connecting program participants to what's possible through team work. 

Other plans for the program include:

* Please note that the specific details of our plans are not set in stone and are subject to change if interesting opportunities arise.
Road side village...
Sleepy baby :)
Traditional healing
New housing being built by the government
Making friends
Playing with the kids in the creche :)
Happy day!